Shannon Mountoure. Lawyer.

About Me

I am a native of Bellingham, Washington, was married for a long time and have four children. I continue to enjoy a decent co-parenting relationship with my children's father which I attribute to having resolved our divorce issues by agreement. I graduated from Western Washington University, did a four year law clerkship and passed the bar in 2002.

I became a partner at the firm in Mount Vernon, Washington, where I had worked and done my clerkship for six years. I worked as a traditional, adversarial divorce lawyer at Goddard and Montoure Inc. P.S. for four additional years. During those four years, it became increasingly obvious to me that people going through divorce were unnecessarily traumatized by the structure of the system they were forced to utilize. I then found a better way to practice family law, using the collaborative model, and have started my own practice in Bellingham, Washington.